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I am a proud graduate of the Allentown School District and William Allen High School.


I have more than 40 years of experience in doing what I plan to do as an elected City Council member and a proven track record of success.


I previously worked for the City of Allentown for 10 years as a staff member in the Departments of Parks & Recreation and Planning, so I am familiar with how the city works - or rather, how it is SUPPOSED TO WORK, and I won't need on-the-job training. I will be ready to begin working with the Mayor and the other members of City Council - no matter who they are - on DAY ONE.


I also have experience in the nonprofit sector as a grant writer for one of the area's most recognized companies, Barry Isett & Associates, where as a part of a team, working in partnership with many non-profits, I raised more than $75 million in grants and other alternative funding sources for local municipalities, nonprofits, and public/private partnerships that have made communities better. I know how to get this done, and I want to do the same for my City.


As a lifelong resident of Allentown and longtime Democrat, I am running for Allentown City Council as a Republican because I am tired of the same old tax and spend policies of the past three Mayors and many years of Democratic majority City Councils, and I want to change the way Allentown City government operates.


I am a third generation Allentonian - my family has lived in Allentown for more than 100 years - and I have lived in the City my entire life, worked here, played here, and plan to retire here. ALLENTOWN IS MY HOME!

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